Master Isa Shirazi Mapnaire or Esikhan is the Iranian designer and architect of Taj Mahal in India.Master Isa Shirazi is one of the artists and architects of Behnam Shirazi of the eleventh century.Most of his reputation is due to the design and construction of Taj Mahal in the city of Agra, India. The "Tomb of the Honorable Lady" is called "the privilege of the place"; he was the King of the World's King of the Gurkani of India. It is said that twenty thousand workers, professors, architects, stonemasons, painter, metalworker and cutters have been working for twenty-two years to build this building.In the historical texts, "Master Isa Shirazi Mapper" and "Amanat Khan Shirazi Toghranvisi" are mentioned. But in some of the more recent texts, a person called the master Ahmad Lahouri has been mentioned as the architect of the Taj Mahal.